Testimonials to our service and Training


“I think Paladin are doing a great job. There’s no one that really understands it unless they’ve been through. I couldn’t get the experience anywhere else.”

“Basically, without Paladin I wouldn’t have got through. I felt there was no future, the turnaround has been unbelievable.”

What was your experience of the service you received from Paladin?

“Like oxygen to me, so valuable, hard to put into words.”

“Excellent, they really fight for what they believe in. Police were clueless and understanding of my circumstances.”

“Amazing, couldn’t have asked for more, ISAC was very patient and reassuring.”

“Absolutely brilliant, I don’t think I would have survived the last few months without Paladin.”

How do you think Paladin assisted you?

“Gave confidence to challenge the CPS, gave knowledge and information, incredibly supportive.”

“What I found was that Paladin was on my side and understood how I felt.”

“Support, contact with the police. I couldn’t have got through it without Paladin.”

Sector professionals:

‘My project has linked in and worked closely with Paladin on a number of stalking cases. I do not think there would have been such positive outcomes without Paladin’s experts input’
“Knowledgeable staff”


“Always brilliant, engaging and informative”
“Fantastic level of expertise”
“Excellent – really made me think about how to improve practice”
“Wow, amazing!”
“As a result of the training I am now drafting a cyber safety plan”
“Will enable me to support clients better in the future”

Police officers:

“This training has given me a great understanding of the stalking legislation. It has made me think seriously about how I look at stalking and harassment cases in the future. I plan on reviewing a harassment case that was no further actioned by the CPS as I feel it should be reconsidered as a stalking offence”
“I learnt a lot”
“Absolutely fascinating”