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Paladin – National Stalking Advocacy Service is dedicated to supporting survivors of stalking and harassment.  We continue to campaign for justice and ensure our campaigns are informed by the experience of survivors that use our service.

Five reasons WHY you should support Paladin:

  1. We will give a voice to victims by offering support and advice, ensuring there is a coordinated community response, and offer expertise on risk management assessment.
  2. We will campaign for a better deal for stalking victims by extrapolating from casework experiences.
  3. We will publish research briefings for the public, parliament and the media.
  4. We will scrutinise the new stalking law to ensure it is implemented consistently and properly.
  5. We will support test case advocacy aimed at changing law and practice through the courts.

If you support our work we will:

  • Offer a 25% discount to all supporters on stalking training.
  • Send to you all parliamentary and media briefings produced by Paladin electronically.
  • Continue to send you six weekly briefings detailing our priorities and achievements.