Serial Perpetrator Register and Order

Alice Ruggles, Jane Clough, Kirsty Treloar were murdered by their stalkers. Together, with their parents Clive and Sue Ruggles John and Penny Clough, Pam Dabney and Zoe Dronfield who was almost killed by a serial abuser we are calling on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to act now to save lives by protecting women from serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators by introducing a register which would enable police to pro-actively identify, track, monitor and manage stalkers.

Currently there is no existing framework which can track or monitor serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators. Instead police rely on a series of victims to report multiple crimes and often it is the victims who are forced to modify and change their behaviour, flee their homes and disappear themselves in order to stay safe.  This is the reason why refuges are in demand and victims continue to be moved around the country. MARACs also tend to focus on the victim too rather than the perpetrator. We track victims when they move but not the problem – the perpetrator.

This needs to change. It is the perpetrator’s behaviour that is the problem. There needs to be a positive obligation on them to change their behaviour and take responsibility. They are the ones who need to be tracked, supervised and managed and not the victim.

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Specifically, Paladin are making the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1: The Government consider making DVPO/Ns a criminal breach to ensure effective sanctions.

Recommendation 2: Consideration to amend PACE to ensure police can keep the perpetrator in custody long enough to serve the DVPO on them there, rather than releasing them at a time of increased risk.

Recommendation 3: The Government consider creating a register for serial stalkers and  domestic violence perpetrators and incorporating it into the existing framework for sex  offenders.

Recommendation 4: The Government consider creating a new Serial Perpetrator Order (SPO)  for serial stalkers and domestic violence offenders.

Recommendation 5: The Government consider creating a new Risk of Harm Order for serial stalkers and domestic violence offenders.

Recommendation 6: Ensure orders stand across European boundaries so that offending histories, behaviour and restrictions are also shared across borders.

House of Lords debate

On 28th October 2014, the House of Lords debated amendments to the Serious Crime Bill, which included strengthening the law around domestic violence and specifically, the need for a serial stalker and perpetrators register. Read the full Hansard paper here.

We need your help 

Our campaign for a serial perpetrator register and order has so far gained a huge amount of support. There are other ways in which you can support the campaign further, which is by writing to your local MP to let them know that this issue is important to you.

Call on your MP to support the campaign by signing the petition and by asking questions in Parliament about why serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators are not being tracked, managed and supervised routinely like sex offenders are.

We know that every personal letter that an MP receives from their constituent makes a big impact. Not sure who your MP is? Find your MP by entering your postcode on this site.

Here is a letter that you can use as a template but please feel free to amend it in any way you would like to.  If you do make it your own you can send your letter in an email through (Please note that identical letters get blocked by this site).

If you are too young to vote? Please do write to your MP because this issue affects you and your peers and your MP cares what you think because you are a future voter!

Please let us know if you do write to your MP – we would be extremely grateful. You can do this by emailing or by letting us know on twitter @paladinservice using #SerialStalkers or via our Facebook page.

Thank you for your support!

Paladin Briefing for Home Office on Register and Orders BR02-16
Serial Perpetrators and Register Briefing (Overview Document) 


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