Advice for professionals


Paladin is a service for high risk victims. High risk is defined as those who are at risk of serious harm and/or homicide. We would like to be in a position to help everyone but we do not have the resources. If we are unable to help we will refer victims to local services and/or the National Stalking Helpline.  You may wish to direct victims to our advice page which includes practical safety advice.

If you wish to refer a victim to our service for support or advice, please complete our referral form and, if applicable, the DASH (2009) Risk Assessment.   Please include as much information as possible.

Referrals can be sent via email to  or our secure email address Alternatively, you can send it to our postal address: PO BOX 72962, London N7 1DZ.

If you are referring a victim of domestic abuse, please ensure you have also referred them to a local domestic abuse service as well.

Polite notice, when filling out referral forms, please ensure it is clear as to what methods of contact are safe, including if it is safe to leave a voicemail. Without this information, we will not be able to contact the victim safely. Also please ensure that the ‘yes box’ is selected, when asked if consent has been obtained from the victim, to allow paladin to make contact. Without the victims consent, we cannot contact them.

Further advice can be found below:

Agency/Professional Referral Form pdf word
DASH (2009) risk checklist pdf word
NPCC Protocol on the appropriate handling of stalking or harassment offences pdf word
Paladin All Agencies Leaflet pdf