We are delighted that the Government has made a U-turn on their decision to increase the sentences for stalkers. This is about justice, affording better protection for victims and ensuring the punishment fits the crime. There is still much more to be done and we look forward to working with them on the implementation, training and sentencing guidelines.

Paladin NSAS, (trading as Paladin-National Stalking Advocacy Service),a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Paladin is a trauma-informed service established to assist high risk victims of stalking in England and Wales. Our unique team of accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers (ISACs) ensure that high risk victims of stalking are supported and that a coordinated community response is developed locally to keep victims and their children safe.

Stalking is a pattern of repeated and persistent unwanted behaviour that is intrusive and engenders fear, it is when one person becomes fixated or obsessed with another and the attention is unwanted. Threats may not be made but victims may still feel scared. Importantly threats are not required for the criminal offence of stalking to be prosecuted.

Call our helpline on 020 3866 4107.

Aims of our service:

  • Provide advice to victims of stalking and advocacy to high risk victims of stalking
  • Raise awareness of dangers and risks of stalking
  • Provide training to professionals
  • Scrutinise the new stalking laws
  • Campaign on behalf of victims

If you need to report an incident of stalking call 101. If you are in danger dial 999. If you would like to find out more about stalking and how to identify it please visit our website www.paladinservice.co.uk

Please can any media inquiries be directed to Rachel Horman, Chair of Media Group 07739 237 496 or info@paladinerservice.co.uk

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