Paladin are looking for 8-10 volunteers across England and Wales who are 16-25 years, who have an interest in helping to develop ways in which we support young victims. The youth ambassadors will champion the voice of young people and work alongside the young person’s Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker to develop this exciting new scheme. Putting young people’s voice back on the agenda!
Paladin a trauma-informed service established to assist high risk victims of stalking in England and Wales are pleased to launch a Youth Ambassador Scheme, which will be run with the dedicated specialist Young People’s Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker (ISAC).

Paladin knows that young people experience stalking and coercive control at high rates. Paladin feel it is really important that young people who are victims of stalking have a service that they can access as they are the most marginalised and at risk group. Stalking is a devastating crime; stalkers steal lives and take lives. Broadly in partnership with Paladin, using Vice UK’s Snapchat channel found 35% of their 12,000 primarily under 25 respondents had personally experienced stalking and 56% knew someone who had been stalked.

The Youth Ambassadors will be given specialist training around stalking and abuse. The aim of the youth ambassador scheme is to raise awareness, safeguard, identify and support young people across England and Wales. We want young people to understand that they don’t have to sit in silence with the unwanted attention, stalking, they are experiencing.
The best way to engage with young people is for young people to be involved in developing how we work with young people affected by stalking to increase their safety, be better protected and able to make informed decisions about their own lives.


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