Alex Chalk, MP first introduced the Bill under the Ten Minute Rule on October 12 2016. He made a compelling case for change and should be congratulated. We have been working closely with him, Richard Graham MP and Dr Ellie Aston and others campaigning for sentences to increase from five years to ten years for stalkers. We also led the campaign for the development of sentencing guidelines, which we are pleased to say are now being developed, and we are working closely with the Sentencing Council on this. On Tuesday 13th December it was announced that the House of Lords passed an amendment to extend the maximum sentence for stalking from 5 to 10 years. This amendment is due for debate at the House of Commons on Monday 9th January. We would urge Parliament to agree to this change in sentencing as stalking steals lives and all too often perpetrators do not receive or serve an adequate sentence for their crimes and victims are left living in fear. Please support our campaign!

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You can listen to our brave Paladin ambassador Dr Ellie Aston’s powerful BBC interview about her horrific eight year stalking ordeal and why the maximum sentence needs to increase